• Reeldrama Production started as a platform for passionate storytellers to take their craft to the world and soon evolved into a full-fledged production house that delivers everything from the idea to the final execution. It is the brainchild of two curious globe trotters who love exploring the diverse shades of human emotion and captivating people through extraordinary tales in the genre of fiction and reality that eventually infuse joy in the lives of viewers.

    The founders, Mr. Sumit Dasgupta and Mrs. Kuheli Dasgupta, had extremely successful corporate careers before they finally decided to walk down the road paved by their hearts. Sumit brings enormous marketing and business development skill to the table; a talent he nurtured working for a French MNC for about two decades. Kuheli, though independent in her own human resource venture, was always inclined towards making statements on celluloid. Her project management skills and multi-tasking abilities are part of key foundations on which Reeldrama is built.

    Our story is simple: we love taking new stories to the world and in the process, we love creating work that inspires new trends in cinema. From ad films to feature films; from documentaries to web series; Reeldrama is where all the action brews and stimulates the senses of each and every life it touches.



    Hello, storyteller!
    For those who have an amazing story to tell and aspire to bring it to life someday, REELDRAMA is the platform.
    We’re a team of dreamers, seeking more dreamers to create a chain of happy storytelling. Real or fictitious, slap-stick or profound, linear or abstract, we’re open to your ideas. No matter where you come from, no matter what your language, if you have an optimistic story that evokes laughter, hope or inspiration, then bring it to us – even if it’s your first-ever script. Come join hands with us in creating the drama on reel and opening the scene to spreading joy.

    Upload your showreel here and let us know your story so far.



    A story never ends, it just takes another shape and continues...


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